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  • Corundum Synthetic Sapphire Blue 34# Medium color Sheild Shaped faceted Cut 12x10mm stones
  • Corundum Synthetic Sapphire Blue 34# Medium color Sheild Shaped faceted Cut 12x10mm stones

Corundum Synthetic Sapphire Blue 34# Medium color Sheild Shaped faceted Cut 12x10mm stones

Loose Corundum Synthetic Sapphire Blue Color Gemstones:
Color: Blue Sapphire 34#
Shape/CutSheild Shaped Faceted Cut
Size: 12x10mm
Quality Grade: AAA
Color chart: https://www.frgems.com/corundum-color-chart

Loose Synthetic Lab Created Corundum Sapphire Blue color 34# Medium color Sheild Shaped faceted Cut 12x10mm stones Wholesale from China Suppliers and manufacturers.

--Also Called as Synthetic Blue Sapphire,Lab created Blue Sapphire.
--We Supply and Manufacture Corundum Blue sapphire stones in All kind of popular Shapes and Sizes;
--Color Shades: #33 Light shade, #34 Medium and # 35 dark blue.



Corundum Sapphire Blue color Sheild Shaped faceted Cut 12x10mm Gemstones


Synthetic Sapphire Blue Medium Color 34# Sheild Shaped faceted Cut 12x10mm stones


What’s a Shield Shaped Gemstones?

Their overall shape resembles warriors’ shields, hence the name.
The Shield Shaped gemstones can be used as side gemstones for engagement rings where the wide end is placed close to the centerpiece gemstone as well as the pointed end runs down their shank. and also can be used a main stones for your jewelry.
Owing to the uniqueness of shield-shaped Gemstones, they can also be used for pendants and dangle earrings.
shield-shape-step-cut-gemstones Shield Shape Step cut .

Where to buy Shield Shaped Gemstones?

FU RONG GEMS can make Shield Shaped Blue sapphire color gemstones, and also can make Shield Shaped Moissanite diamond, or other kinds of Natural and Synthetic Gemstones. 
Can be faceted brilliant cut and ’Step cut’ for the bottom of gemstones.  

What's the Blue Sapphire Color Stone?

Blue sapphire belongs to the mineral species corundum. It can be a pure blue but ranges from greenish blue to violetish blue. The name “sapphire” can also apply to any corundum that’s not red and doesn’t qualify as ruby, another corundum variety.

Sapphire is the September birthstone and for the 5th and 45th anniversary gemstone gifts. For specific birthstone information, September birthstone, Sapphire comes in all colors except red! It may be colorless, a deep blue, green, golden yellow, pink, reddish-orang, and violet. The most valuable color of sapphire is referred to as "corn-flower blue;" black, grey, or green overtones to this vivid blue will reduce overall value. Blue sapphire is not as expensive as diamond, emerald, and ruby, with the exception of the rare variety called Padparadscha, an orange-pink stone, and some Pink stones.

The most common Corundum colors are Blue Sapphire and Ruby color stones, but we can also supply White Sapphire, Orange Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire and Alexandrites in all shapes and sizes.

We have quite a collection of Blue Sapphire Color Loose gemstones such as popular Round Brilliant Cut,Princess Cut,Emerald Cut,Cushion Cut and also unique heart, Oval,Octagon,Marquise, Pear,Star Cuts and Much More... Special Shape and styles are available.

If you want the best alternative for the Natural Blue sapphire Stones, you can use Lab grown Blue Sapphire stones (Lab Grown Pulled Czochralski Blue Sapphire Gemstone).

Conrundum VS other Gemstones:




Conrundum Color Chart and Shapes & Size Chart :

Corundum-and-Spinel-colors-6mm Round-stones Corundum-Popular-shapes-sizes-chart-FU-RONG-GEMS


  • Factory & Manufacturer since 2008, strong productive ability.
  • Ensure the large quantity supply of product.
  • We are one of the largest manufacturers & Suppliers of Loose gemstone in Wuzhou City.
  • Strict quality inspection:
  • 15 production processes ; 9 inspection processes ; more than 8 experienced QC check ;
  • Every gemstone has its quality assurance.


  • 30 days return Policy without using and damage of the stones;
  • Bulk product quality is not same as samples;
  • Gemstones are not same as the order list;

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Corundum Synthetic Sapphire Blue color 34# Medium color Trillion Shape faceted 10x10mm Gemstones
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