Heart Shape Cubic Zirconia and Synthetic Gemstones China Wholesale & Suppliers
(For loose cubic zirconia,lab created sapphire,ruby,spinel and other Synthetic Gemstones)
Heart cut - A more fanciful cut,shaped just as it sounds,heart shaped simulated diamonds make truly beautiful pendants and earrings, and have now begun to gain in popularity as engagement stones. 
At Fu Rong Gems, you can buy Heart Cut gemstones at Wholesale Direct Factory prices from the Real China Professional Manufacturer and Supplier.Check our Website to choose Your Ideal Heart Cut Loose Cubic Zirconia stones,Heart Cut Lab Created Gemstones such as Sapphire,Aqua,Ruby and Alexandrine stones. All Heart cut gemstones are wholesale directly from China.
--Low, Low Factory Prices from China Wuzhou--the Biggest Synthetic Gemstones Manufacturing Base in the World.

Colors Available:
Cubic Zircoinia stones:
White/Clear,Amethyst,Aqua,Black,Champagne,Garnet,Lavender,Orange,Olive,Peridot,Pink,Tanzanite,Violet, Yellow and much more…. Please check from our Website or send us your ideal colors to our Email.
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Heart Shape Gemstones in Cubic Zirconia and Synthetic Gemstones:
Heart-Shape-Cubic-Zirconia-Synthetic-Gemstones-China-Wholesale-Suppliers Heart-Shape-CZ-Synthetic-Gemstones-China-Wholesale-Suppliers
Heart-Shape-CZ-Rings-China-Wholesale-Suppliers Heart-Shape-Cubic-Zirconia-Rings-China-Wholesale-Suppliers 
Pictures are for your reference: 
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Heart Shape Gemstones in Cubic Zirconia and Synthetic Gemstones:

Heart-Shape-Emerald-Green-Colored-CZ-Gemstones Heart-Shape-Aquamarine-Blue-Cubic-Zirconia-Colored-Gemstones
Heart-Shape-Created-Ruby-Pink-#3-Colored-Gemstones Heart-Shape-Synthetic-Ruby-Pink-Colored-Gemstones
e Normal Standard Sizes of Heart Shape Gemstones:
3×3mm         4×4mm                 5×5mm             6×6mm               7×7mm           8×8mm
9×9mm       10×10mm            11×11mm          12×12mm           13×13mm        14×14mm
15×15mm     16×16mm           17×17mm          18×18mm          19×19mm         20×20mm 

Jan-Heart-Shape-Cubic-Zirconia-Garnet-Red-5x5mm-Gemstones Heart-Shape-Cubic-Zirconia-CZ-Amethyst-Color-5x5mm-Gemstones Mar-Heart-Shape-Cubic-Zirconia-Aqua-Topaz-Blue-5x5mm-Gemstones Heart-Shape-Cubic-Zirconia-White-Clear-Color-5x5mm-Gemstones Heart-Shape-Cubic-Zirconia-Emerald-Green-Color-5x5mm-Gemstones Heart-Shape-Cubic-Zirconia-Lavender-Color-5x5mm-Gemstones Heart-Shape-Synthetic-Corundum-Ruby-Red-Color-5x5mm-Gemstones Heart-Shape-Cubic-Zirconia-Peridot-Green-Color-5x5mm-Gemstones Heart-Shape-Nano-Crystal-Sapphire-blue-Color-5x5mm-Gemstones Heart-Shape-Cubic-Zirconia-Pink-Color-5x5mm-Gemstones Heart-Shape-Golden-Yellow-Color-5x5mm-Gemstones Heart-Shape-Spinel-Blue-Zircon-119#-5x5mm-Gemstones
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