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  • Lab Grown Pulled Czochralski Royal Blue Sapphire Color Oval Shaped Faceted cut 11x9mm Gemstone
  • Lab Grown Pulled Czochralski Royal Blue Sapphire Color Oval Shaped Faceted cut 11x9mm Gemstone
  • Lab Grown Pulled Czochralski Royal Blue Sapphire Color Oval Shaped Faceted cut 11x9mm Gemstone

Lab Grown Pulled Czochralski Royal Blue Sapphire Color Oval Shaped Faceted cut 11x9mm Gemstone

Loose Lab Grown Pulled Czochralski Royal Blue Sapphire Color Gemstones:
Color: Royal Blue 
Shape/Cut: Oval Shaped faceted cut
Size: 11x9mm (5.52ct)
Quality Grade: AAA
More Details: https://www.frgems.com/pulled-czochralski-blue-sapphire-gemstone

Lab Grown Pulled Czochralski Royal Blue Sapphire Oval Shaped Faceted cut 11x9mm Synthetic Gemstone wholesale from china Suppliers and Manufacturer.



High quality Lab Royal Blue Sapphire Oval Shaped Faceted 11x9mm Gemstones


Lab Grown Royal Blue Sapphire Oval Shaped Faceted 11x9mm stones

What's Royal Blue Sapphire Gemstone?

Royal Blue Sapphire is the top-quality Sapphire that fulfills a comprehensive set of qualities including medium deep blue to strong dark blue color (without darkening), good transparency and complete absence of any treatment. This gemstone is an ideal choice for both astrological and jewelry purposes. Geniune Royal Blue sapphire is expensive, the best alternative is to use Lab Grown Royal Blue Sapphire stones which the characteristics is nearly same as natural blue sapphires.

What's Pulled Czochralski Blue Sapphire Gemstone?

The Czochralski process, uses radio waves to melt the aluminum oxide. A rod tipped with a seed crystal is inserted into the mixture and slowly rotated and pulled out, creating a column of sapphire.

The lab created Blue Sapphire can also be created by flame fusion but the quality and resemblance of synthetic Blue Sapphire created by Czochralski Pulled process is considered to be the best and superior to all other lab created Blue Sapphire.

Flame fusion creates long, tear-shaped pieces of synthetic corundum. Consisting of a mix of aluminum oxide and chromium, would have yielded a synthetic ruby.

As It follows the same process as natural Blue Sapphire is created make it the most superior among other Blue Sapphire. Natural Blue Sapphire are rare and over-valued. It is better to buy synthetic Blue Sapphire made by Pulled method as they have exact same chemical composition and physical composition and are sold at fraction of price of natural Blue Sapphire. They also appear brighter and more vivid than natural Blue Sapphire making it the better than corundum blue sapphire stones.

SYNTHETIC Blue Sapphire (Pulled Czochralski) PROPERTIES:

Chemical Formula:Al2O3
Hardness: 9
Luster-Subadamantine To Vitreous
Stability:Very Good
Refractive Index:1.762-1.77

Lab Created Pulled Blue Sapphire looks exactly like natural Blue Sapphire. Only when observed under high magnification microscope in labs, small bubbles or foreign particles can only differentiate between them.

How Can Gemologists Distinguish Lab-Grown Sapphires From Natural Sapphires?

Distinguishing lab-grown sapphires from natural sapphires is challenging, but each artificial creation method leaves telltale signs that an expert gemologist can identify.

Melt processes like flame fusion may create sapphires that exhibit curved growth lines and curved color bands not found in nature. The Czochralski process also may produce gems with inclusions like gas bubbles and smoky veils. Hydrothermal synthesis may leave distinctive “nail head” inclusions.




You might be interested in Lab created Corundum blue sapphire stones, which the price is much cheaper and the color looks very close.

The following is the Video of their comparison.

Corundum Blue Sapphire Stones VS Lab Grown Blue Sapphire Stones Color Comparsion



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