Crystal Round diamond cut Big gemstones Wholesale at factory pricing from China suppliers

Do you want to display a big diamond cut gemstone at your shop or home?

You're come to the right place, we offer you many choice to get the right big gemstones for the display or decoration. 

You can buy the Cubic Zirconia Gemstones in a big size, such as 40mm, 60mm, 80mm or 100mm, the Cubic Zirconia Big stones which it's sparkling and shinny, looks very close to the Real Diamond. 

And here it's another wiser choice to get the big gemstones, which the price is cheap, but it's also in a beautiful look.  
The HD Video of 80mm round diamond cut light blue crystal gemstones:
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Crystal Round diamond cut Big gemstones in popular Colors:



FU RONG GEMS offer Crystal round diamond cut Gemstones in many colors and sizes:

and The Unit price for a 100mm round diamond cut big gemstone in crystal is only US$13.

Crystal Round diamond cut Big gemstones in popular Colors:
Black-Color-Crystal-Diamond-Cut-Big-Stones-China-wholesale-Suppliers  Crystal-Diamond-Cut-Big-Glass-Stones-amber-color-China-wholesale-Suppliers
Crystal-Diamond-Cut-Big-Stones-Aqua-Blue-China-wholesale-Suppliers Crystal-Diamond-Cut-Big-Stones-Green-China-wholesale-Suppliers
Crystal-Diamond-Cut-Garnet-Red-Big-Stones-China-wholesale-Suppliers Crystal-Diamond-Cut-Light-Yellow-Big-Stones-China-wholesale-Suppliers
Crystal-Diamond-Cut-Pink-Color-Big-Stones-China-wholesale-Suppliers Crystal-Diamond-Cut-Sapphire-Blue-Big-Stones-China-wholesale-Suppliers

The available colors are: Black, Pink, Aqua blue, White/Colorless, Light Golden Yellow, Emerald Green, Sapphire Blue, Garnet Red and Amber Colors.

The available Sizes are:  20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 200mm and 300mm.

Packing:  White Paper box or Gift Box

Optional:  With a Crystal base, to hold the stone. The size of base: 8x8x8cm, 5x5x5cm and 4x4x4cm

Big-Crystal-Gemstone-with-a-base-China-Suppliers-Factory Crystal-Big-stone-with-base-China-wholesale-Suppliers Big-Crystal-100mm-stone-with-base-China-Suppliers

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