Crystal Zircon Gemstones vs Cubic Zirconia Gemstones 

Crystal Zircon gemstone is one of popular gemstone for jewelry designs. it's cheaper than Cubic Zirconia Stones. 


There're the main difference between Cubic Zirconia stones and Crystal Zircon stones:


The density of CZ is 5.5-5.9g/cm³, the density of synthetic crystal zircon stone is much less than the Cubic zirconia stones. As it’s lighter than CZ Stones, so it’s more widely used in lighter jewelry. 


Comparing with CZ stones, The brightness and appearance of crystal zircon stones is worse.

It looks more like the glass material, however it has better brightness than glass. Because Synthetic crystal zircon is a relatively light material, It’s obviously that the transparency & clarity is better than Cubic zirconia stones, it looks brighter and has a better texture than harden glass gemstones. 


Due to the low cost of materials, the price of material is much cheaper than CZ stones. So the price of finished gemstones is much cheaper, the cost of CZ is about four times higher than crystal zircon stones.

The color chart of Crystal Zircon Stones:


The Colors:

001: White  ; 002: Black  ; 003: Pink  ;  004: Champagne  ; 005: Peridot  ;  006: Blue  ; 007: Garnet Red  ; 008: Green  ; 

009: London Blue  ; 010: Aqua blue  ; 011: Rhodolite  ; 012: Golden Yellow  ;  013: Green  ; 

The following picture is the Harden Glass Gemstones:


The price difference: CZ Stones>Crystal Zircon stones> Glass Gemstones. 

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