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  • Genuine Black Sapphire Heart shape Faceted cut 4x4mm Loose gemstones bulk wholesale
  • Genuine Black Sapphire Heart shape Faceted cut 4x4mm Loose gemstones bulk wholesale

Genuine Black Sapphire Heart shape Faceted cut 4x4mm Loose gemstones bulk wholesale

Category: Natural Gemstones

Loose Natural Genuine Black Sapphire Color Faceted Gemstones:
Color: Black Sapphire
Shape/Cut: Heart shape Faceted

Size: 4x4mm
Quality Grade:  A Standard quality and A- Quality

Loose Natural genuine Black sapphire Heart shape Faceted Cut 4x4mm gemstones Wholesale at factory direct price from China Suppliers and manufacturers.



Natural genuine Black Sapphire Heart shape Faceted cut 4x4mm Loose gemstones


Natural Black Sapphire Heart shape Faceted cut 4x4mm Loose gemstones wholesale

What Is Black Sapphire?

Black sapphire is a nearly opaque stone whose color is so dark that it appears to absorb all light that enters the gemstone. For example, see a black sapphire ring here.

Sometimes, this stone also looks very dark blue or gray.

Black sapphires come mainly from Australia and are mined in large quantities. This variety of sapphire is very cheap and is considered low grade.
An Alternative to Onyx?

Because of its color, black sapphire is often confused with Black onyx. Indeed, this stone can successfully act as an onyx substitute.

Although both stones look very similar, onyx is actually softer, while sapphire is one of the hardest gemstones (9 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness).

Because of this similarity, you may consider getting a black sapphire for your ring or pendant if you want a stone that has the color of onyx but is much harder.

Why do people wear black sapphire gemstones Jewelry?

Black Sapphire is a beautiful and mystical stone that has been prized for centuries. The black color of the stone is said to represent strength, power, and protection—as well as good luck and fortune. In addition to its beauty, the stone's benefits extend to both the physical and metaphysical realms.

Should You Buy Black Sapphire?

When considering black sapphire, you should keep in mind that it is deemed a low-quality stone. The good thing about it is that it’s cheap.If you are looking for a black and opaque gemstone, this is not a bad choice because sapphire is extremely hard.

Whether you will decide to give black sapphire a chance comes down to your personal preferences; just be aware of what this stone is really worth before making a purchase decision.

Where to buy Natural Black Sapphire stones?

We have a quite collection of loose Loose Natural Black Sapphire gemstones in popular shapes cuts at wholesale at factory price from China . Contact us for a quote.


* Factory direct.
* Strict quality control.
* Large Stock.
* Customized is welcome.
*All Photos are 100% real shoot.

Cutting provide: all kinds of Poupular shapes/cut and also can be made in custom shapes/cuts.
Delivery date: 1-2 days for in stock, 7-10 days for custom orders.


  • Factory & Manufacturer since 2008, strong productive ability.
  • Ensure the large quantity supply of product.
  • We are one of the largest manufacturers & Suppliers of Loose gemstone in China Wuzhou City.
  • Strict quality inspection:
  • 15 production processes ; 9 inspection processes ; more than 8 experienced QC check ;
  • Every gemstone has its quality assurance.


  • 30 days without using and damage of the stones;
  • Bulk product quality is not same as samples;
  • Gemstones are not same as the order list;

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