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 Synthetic Opal Cabochon wholesale at factory direct pricing from China suppliers and manufacturer
FU RONG GEMS offer synthetic opal Cabochon in more than 55 colors and in various shapes, sizes and cutting.

Synthetic Opal Cabochon are popular for the jewelry designs. 

The popular Synthetic Opal cabochon shapes are round, pear, Oval marquise, heart, square, cushion..


Synthetic Opal Created Popular Cabochon Shapes China Suppliers and wholesale 
Synthetic-Opal-cabochon-Pear-shape-China Synthetic-Opal-cabochon-Pear-shape-Suppliers

Synthetic-Opal-cabochon-Pear-shape-manufacturer Synthetic-Opal-cabochon-Oval-shape-china-wholesale


Now you can buy high quality of Synthetic Opal Cabochon from the real Manufacturer who can offer factory direct pricing to meet your budget. 
Lab Grown Created Opal Cabochon Shape Chart
The following the picture of the synthetic opal Cabochon color Chart, you can choose the color you want. 
Synthetic-Opal-cabochon-color-chart-China-wholesaleBesides, we also supply you with the high quality of Synthetic Opal stones in Cabochon, Faceted diamond cut, Synthetic Opal dropsSynthetic Opal Roudelle and fancy shapes such us hands/hamsa, star, etc. 

Contact us today to get your synthetic Opal cabochon from us, and you'll be impressed with our quality. 

Enjoy our most beautiful excellent quality calibrated opal cabochons at the most competitive price!
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