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Shipping delay Notice-Holidays season coming.

Shipping delay Notice

Dear visitors,

Thanks for visiting our website,

If this is your first time to here, please kindly pay attention to this notice.

The Couriers(DHL,UPS,FedEx, TNT or others) expect a surge in outbound shipping volume during Nov-Dec 2021 and before Christmas & New Year Holidays, due to holiday seaon and the Covid-19 situation.

When planning your order, please note that the transit time for the Express outbound shipments from Mainland China will be temporarily extended: (More than 7-15 days.)  Usually, it takes around 5 days for the shipment if there's no delay. 

As you can see for the following picture, there're lots of packages are queuing to handle and pick up.


Many Packages are queuing to handle...


So, please kindly pay attention to it and Schedule your orders earlier to avoid the delay of your business/selling. 

For the available stones:  Will take 2-4 days of prepare time. 

For Unavailable stones: The prodution will take at least one week and 10-15 days upon receipt of the order. 

Plus the shipment time: around 10 days, So, total will take 7 days + 10 days of shipment  =around 15 days to get your package.

Thanks for your Attention. 

For futher information. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions/requirements.

Thanks and best regards,

Take care and stay safe!

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