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  • Natural Genuine Semi-Precious Gemstones wholesale from china suppliers and manufacturer
  • Natural Genuine Semi-Precious Gemstones wholesale from china suppliers and manufacturer
  • Natural Genuine Semi-Precious Gemstones wholesale from china suppliers and manufacturer

Natural Genuine Semi-Precious Gemstones wholesale from china suppliers and manufacturer

Category: Natural Gemstones

Loose Genuine Semi-Precious Gemstones:

Amethyst,Garnet,Peridot,Citrine, Aquamarine,Garnet,Topaz, Quartz, prehite,Diopside gemstones..ect are we mainly dealing with.

The Standard Quality Grade for Natural Genuine Semi-Precious is A quality.

Loose Natural,Semi-Precious,Genuine Gemstones Wholesale at factory prices from China Suppliers and manufacturer.

What is a Natural Gemstone?

A: Natural gemstones are formed in nature with no interference from humans other than being mined, cut/faceted and polished. If a stone is identified as natural, this means that it has not been treated, enhanced or altered. Faceting is allowed for a stone to still be considered natural.

What is a Genuine Gemstone? (Semi-precious stones)?
A: A genuine gemstone is real, but it is treated in some way to enhance its cut or appearance. Needless to say, these are also referred to as “enhanced” or “treated” stones. Why do stones get treated? Many times natural stones have discoloration, cracks and/or inclusions. Treatme

nts are applied to fix these “flaws” in the stone. For example, extreme heat is applied to natural sapphires, which results in improved clarity and a more cohesive, blue color.

Fun Fact:Natural, untreated sapphires are very rare and more valuable than treated sapphires.


Loose-Natural-Geunite-Gemstones Popular colors

What is a Lab-Created Gemstone?

A:More commonly referred to as “created” gems because it has a more positive connotation, as you probably guessed, these are made in laboratories. Other terms used are “synthetic”, “artificial”, “lab-grown” and “man-made” gems. Many of these gemstones have the exact chemical composition of the same stone created in nature (e.g. Moissanites, Lab diamond or Lab Emerald green stones.), so technically, they are still the real deal.

It's now possible for the gemstones dealer to manufacture many kinds of high quality gemstones in a laboratory, including sapphire, ruby, emerald and diamond. So what does this mean for the natural gemstone business?

Synthetic or lab-created gemstones are made of the same material as natural gemstones, so they share the same chemical and optical properties. A synthetic sapphire is composed of aluminum oxide, the same material as the natural stone. It is just as hard and just as brilliant as a natural sapphire. In fact the color and clarity of the synthetic stone may well be superior to most natural sapphires. The synthetic sapphire will also be available in larger sizes and at a much lower price.

Usually a better product at a lower price is a sure bet for success with regard to marketing. However, natural gemstones continue to be preferred by most knowledgeable gem buyers. In fact many of these buyers would not even consider buying a synthetic gemstone. Why is that?

One answer is that a natural gemstone is extremely rare, and thus has a special value. But this cannot be the complete answer. The reason is that not all rare things, however valuable, are intrinsically interesting or beautiful. Rare coins, for example, can be be worth a fortune; but they are collected solely for their rarity, not their beauty.

We might say that natural gemstones are rare in a special way - they are a kind of miracle of nature; a happy accident where the right conditions came together to produce a material that can be cut and polished to produce a finished product with remarkable optical properties.

It's worth remembering that not all natural gemstones are valuable. Poor quality specimens form the bulk of the output from virtually every mine. Gem quality material has a rare combination of transparency, clarity and color. But there is more to a natural gemstone than just these qualities, which indeed can be found in synthetic stones. A natural sapphire is not just aluminum oxide. It may also contain a number of "impurities", including titanium, iron, chromium and rutile. These impurities contribute not only to the hue of the gem, but also to its texture, its appearance under different kinds of lighting, its color zoning and a whole range of subtle optical qualities.

Synthetic gemstones are actually more perfect than most of the specimens found in nature. But in many gemstones it is precisely these accidental imperfections of nature that give natural gemstones not only their rarity, but also their unique beauty.

The following are the popular colors of Genuine-Semi-Precious Gemstone Colors:

Amethyst,  Garnet,  Peridot,  Citrine,  Aquamarine, Garnet, Topaz,  prehite and natural Diopside gemstones..ect are we mainly dealing with.

We can make these Genuite Gemstones in the popular shapes, such as Round diamond faceted cut, marquise, pear..etc.

Appr. 1 carat weight 6mm size of round shape and 7x5mm oval shape faceted Natural genuine Gemstones:

From Left to right:
Aquamarine, Peridot, Brazil Amethyst, South Africa Amethyst,
Topaz Sky Blue, Topaz White, China Garnet Red, Mozambique Garnet Red
Topaz London Blue, Topaz Swiss Blue, Citrine Yellow(C2 Medium/light Color), Citrine Yellow(C1 Dark Color),





The Popular cuttings of Semi-precious Gemstones:





The following Slide Show are the Popular colors of Genuine/Semi-Precious Gemstones.

  • Semi-precious-Natural-Citrine-Yellow-quartz-Light-C2-Round-3.5mm-Gemstones-Supplier


Factory & Manufacturer since 2008, strong productive ability.
Ensure the large quantity supply of the stones.
We are the one of the largest manufacturer of Loose gemstones in Wuzhou City.
Strict quality inspection:
15 production processes ; 9 inspection processes ; 8 experienced QC check ;
Every gemstone has its quality assurance.

1. 30 days without using and damage of the stone;
2. Bulk product quality not same with samples;
3. Gemstones are not same as order list.

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