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  • Wholesale Corundum Alexandrite Color change 46# Heart shape faceted cut 10x10mm gemstones at factory price
  • Wholesale Corundum Alexandrite Color change 46# Heart shape faceted cut 10x10mm gemstones at factory price

Wholesale Corundum Alexandrite Color change 46# Heart shape faceted cut 10x10mm gemstones at factory price

Category: Alexandrite #46

Loose Corundum Alexandrite Color Change Gemstones:
Color: Alexandrite Color change 46#
Shape/Cut: Heart shape faceted cut 
Size: 10x10mm
Quality Grade: AAA
Color chart: https://www.frgems.com/corundum-color-chart

Synthetic Lab Created Corundum alexandrite color change 46# Heart shape faceted cut 10x10mm gemstones Wholesale at factory direct price from China Suppliers and manufacturers.

--Also Called as Synthetic Alexandrite,Lab created Alexandrite Color change Gemstones.
--We Supply and Manufacture Alexandrite Color change stones in all kind of popular Shapes and Sizes;
--Color Shades:#45 shade (With Color change Green Base), #46 (With color change Amethyst base)



Wholesale Corundum Alexandreite 46# color Heart shape faceted cut 10x10mm gemstones


Corundum Alexandreite 46# color Heart shape faceted cut 10x10mm gemstones

What's the Synthetic Corundum Alexandrite Color Sapphire Color Stone?

True synthetic alexandrite itself is rarely seen because it is much easier to create synthetic corundum and synthetic spinel with color change properties that look like alexandrite. Synthetic corundum changes from a purple resembling amethyst under artificial light to a greyish-blue in daylight where synthetic spinel more closely resembles alexandrite with its change from reddish to blue-greenish hues. (There is also genuine color-change sapphire which mimics alexandrite, as well as color-change garnet that can be a real fooler.)

The most common Corundum colors are Blue Sapphire and Ruby color stones, but we can also supply White Sapphire, Orange Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire and Alexandrites in many kinds of popular shapes and sizes.

We have quite a collection of Alexandrite Color Loose gemstones such as popular Round Brilliant Cut,Princess Cut,Emerald Cut,Cushion Cut and also unique heart, Oval,Octagon,Marquise, Pear,Star Cuts and Much More...

What is Corundum and What are its Basic Qualities?
A: Corundum is an aluminum oxide that commonly forms hexagonal barrel-shaped prisms that taper at both ends or as thin tabular hexagonal plates. It has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, making it one of the most durable commercial gemstones. It has no dominant cleavage and fractures in a conchoidal manner. A high density of ~4.0 g/cm3 (most silicate minerals are ~2.6 g/cm3) results in corundum occurring in secondary placer deposits and recoverable by panning methods, similar to how you would recover placer gold.

Corundum comes in all colours of the rainbow but is most commonly found as opaque crystals with dull colours. Red corundum is called ruby, blue corundum is called sapphire, and all other colours are called fancy sapphires. Some varieties of corundum will fluoresce under short wave and long wave UV light if there is enough chromium in the crystal structure but little iron, which tends to quench any emitted energy.

Physical Properties of Corundum:
Mohs Hardness: 9
Specific Gravity: 3.90 to 4.05
Cleavage Quality:None
Fracture: Uneven,Conchoidal

Optical Properties of Corundum:
Refractive Index: 1.758 to 1.780
Optical Character: Uniaxial/-
Birefringence 0.007 to 0.010

Pleochroism Dichroism: blue - violet-blue and greenish-blue; green - yellowish-green; yellow - pale yellow; purple - violet; orange, yellowish-red - deep crimson.

Conrundum VS other Gemstones:


Nano CZ Glass Corundum Spinel Topaz Qaurtz Comparison

Conrundum Color Chart and Shapes & Size Chart :

Corundum-and-Spinel-colors-6mm Round-stones


  • Factory & Manufacturer since 2008, strong productive ability.
  • Ensure the large quantity supply of product.
  • We are one of the largest manufacturers & Suppliers of Loose gemstone in China Wuzhou City.
  • Strict quality inspection:
  • 15 production processes ; 9 inspection processes ; more than 8 experienced QC check ;
  • Every gemstone has its quality assurance.


  • 30 days return Policy without using and damage of the stones;
  • Bulk product quality is not same as samples;
  • Gemstones are not same as the order list;
Trillion shape faceted cut Loose Synthetic Alexandrite color Change Corundum 46# 6x6mm gemstones
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