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  • Loose Natural Rainbow Moonstone Round Cabochon 2mm and 3mm gemstones

Loose Natural Rainbow Moonstone Round Cabochon 2mm and 3mm gemstones

Category: Natural Gemstones

Loose Natural Rainbow Moonstone Cabochon Gemstones:
Color: Rainbow Moonstone 
Shape/Cut: Round Shape Cabochon

Size: 2mm and 3mm
Quality Grade:  A Standard quality and A- Quality

Loose Natural Rainbow Moonstone Round shape Cabochon 2mm and 3mm gemstones Wholesale at factory direct price from China Suppliers and manufacturers.



What's Natural Rainbow Moonstone stones?

Is A Type Of Feldspar Gemstone. It’s Known For Its Captivating Iridescence, Which Creates A Rainbow-Like Effect On The Stone. This Gemstone Is Believed To Reduce Negative Energy And Promote Mental Clarity. Its Connection With Lunar Energy Makes It Particularly Useful For Increasing Psychic Perception.

It’s Also Said That Rainbow Moonstone Helps Awaken The Crown Chakra, Or Our Spiritual Center, Allowing Us To Access Higher Wisdom And Knowledge. Additionally, This Gem Is Thought To Have Calming And Soothing Energies That Can Help Balance Emotions And Provide Emotional Healing.

The Origins Of Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow moonstone is a labradorite variety known for its ethereal beauty, revered since ancient times. It is believed to possess telepathic powers and bring balance to one’s life path, reflecting light off internal inclusions that give it an iridescent quality. This creates intense feelings of joy, peace, and spiritual transformation.

Moonstone deposits can be found worldwide, with India, Australia, and Sri Lanka producing some of the most sought-after gems. Rainbow moonstone beads are popular for their stunning visual appeal and are thought to bring clarity, purpose, and insight into one’s life journey, providing flashes of inspiration that can change one’s life for the better.

Where to buy Natural Rainbow Moonstone stones?

You're in the right place, We supply high quality of loose Natural Rainbow Moonstone gemstones in many kinds of popular shapes/size, wholesale at factory direct price from China Suppliers and manufacturer.


* Factory direct.
* Strict quality control.
* Large Stock.
* Customized is welcome.
*All Photos are 100% real shoot.

Cutting provide: all kinds of Poupular shapes/cut and also can be made in custom shapes/cuts.
Delivery date: 1-2 days for in stock, 7-10 days for custom orders.


  • Factory & Manufacturer since 2008, strong productive ability.
  • Ensure the large quantity supply of product.
  • We are one of the largest manufacturers & Suppliers of Loose gemstone in China Wuzhou City.
  • Strict quality inspection:
  • 15 production processes ; 9 inspection processes ; more than 8 experienced QC check ;
  • Every gemstone has its quality assurance.


  • 30 days without using and damage of the stones;
  • Bulk product quality is not same as samples;
  • Gemstones are not same as the order list;

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