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2021 Shenzhen International Jewellery Exhibition in Shenzhen city From Sep 9 to Sep 13.

2021 Shenzhen International Jewellery Exhibition is holding in Shenzhen city, Sep 9- Sep 13.

Shenzhen International Jewellery Exhibition is Chinese mainland the largest, highest grade, the largest group of buyers, the most influential, the highest international process of professional jewelry trade fair. Shenzhen jewelry industry is one of the six dominant traditional industries in Shenzhen, products accounted for more than 70% of the national market share, bringing together all kinds of jewelry enterprises about 2,300, manufacturing and processing enterprises about 700, the annual processing value of more than 80 billion yuan (about 12.5 billion U.S. dollars), about 200,000 employees, in the domestic leading position, is a veritable "China's jewelry capital."

2021 Shenzhen International Jewellery Exhibition

2021 Shenzhen International Jewellery Exhibition

Shenzhen International Jewellery Exhibition hall Shenzhen International Jewellery Show
Shenzhen International Jewellery Exhibition Shenzhen Jewellery Exhibition Moissanite stones

In this Shenzhen International Jewellery Exhibition, is full of opportunities for cooperation, is the jewelry industry at home and abroad old and new friends and elites of the grand gathering, is the declaration of China's jewelry brand, jewelry information, culture, trade trading platform, China's jewelry trends barometer, The development of China's jewelry industry weather.

The scope of the exhibits:

Jewellery: Gold Jewellery, Platinum Jewellery, Silver Jewellery;

Pearls, Diamonds and Gem Jewellery, Rare Jewellery, Designer Works,

Precious Metals and Semi-Finished Products, Others. Watch brand watches and clocks,

Watches and watches, jewelry watches and clocks,

Gemstones: Semi Precious stones, Synthetic Gemstones and Natural Gemstones;

Other supporting equipment jewelry production equipment and tools, jewelry detection and measurement equipment, packaging, props, decorative materials, special lighting equipment.

Other scientific and technological achievements, related publications and services, related associations and trade unions, and others.

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