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 Synthetic Opal Faceted Diamond cut wholesale at factory direct pricing from China Opal gemstones suppliers and manufacturer and distributor
FU RONG GEMS offer synthetic opal Diamond faceted cut stones in more than 55 colors and in various shapes, sizes and cutting.

Synthetic Opal Stones can be cut in faceted diamond shape as the Cubic Zirconia faceted diamond stones with girdle and sharp culet. And with the table of diamond face. 

                                                    Synthetic opal faceted pear shape in diamond cut


                                  Synthetic opal round faceted diamond cut color chart: (Click to enlarge the picture)

Besides, we also supply you with the high quality of Synthetic Opal stones in Cabochon, Faceted diamond cut, Synthetic Opal drops, Synthetic Opal Roudelle and fancy shapes such us hands/hamsa, star, etc. 

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