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 Shipping Costs and Options

1.How do I place an order?  

2.What is normal production time of order? 

3.What payment methods do you accept? 

4.How do I check the status of my order? 

5.Top reasons for order delays?

6.Are the samples free of charges?

1.What are your shipping costs?  

2.What are the shipping costs for
   international orders?  

3.What are your shipping Rules?




 General Questions

Product Information

1.How do I contact customer support?  

2.Do you have a catalog? 

3.Can I get the Free Sample Before Order? 

4.Why Choose Fu Rong Gems?

1.What is Cubic Zirconia?

2.What is Synthetic Stones?

3.What are CZ's and simulated diamonds?

4.How Loose CZ's Quality is Determined?

5.Real vs Lab Created Gemstones? 

6.What are the Normal Colors and

   Special Colors of CZ Stones?

7.What's Cubic Zirconia Hand Cut?

8.What's Cubic Zirconia Machine Cut?

9.What's your catalogue of Lab Created Gems

   (Synthetic Gems )?

10.What're the Glass Gems?
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