Color Charts of Loose Gemstones: 
Cubic Zirconia, Corundum, Spinel, Nanosital, Nano Crystal, Synthetic Opal Gemstones, Glass Gemstone. 

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In order to make it easier for your purchase of the gemstones, please check the pictures of the stones in the following color charts. and let us know the exact colors & color # when you're sending the enquiry/email. 
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Popular shapes & sizes Charts of Loose Gemstones: 
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Cubic Zirconia Color chart:  (Click Picture to enlarge to view.)

There're regular colors and Premium colors for the Cubic Zirconia Stones: 

CZ Regular colors: 
White, Amethyst, Champagne, Lavender, Black, Orange, Garnet, Peridot, Pink, Violet, Olive Yellow, Golden Yellow, Canary Yellow

Premium Colors:
Rhodorite/Smoky,Tanzanite, Emerald Green, Aqua and Swiss Blue, Apple Green and Coffee Brown,Blue Zirconia.

And there're 3 color shades for these colors, light, Medium and Dark. 

Usually, the Medium colors are the most poplar ones.  If customer doesn't request for the color shades, we are always send the stones in medium color shades. 

Spinel Gemstone Color chart: 

Corundum Gemstone Color chart: 

Pink 1#, Pink 2# and Rose 3#:  Pink sapphire stones. 
Ruby 5#, Ruby 7# and Ruby 8# (Garnet Red):  Ruby Red stones. 
Blue Sapphire 30#, Blue Sapphire 33#,Blue Sapphire 34#, Blue Sapphire 35#:  Sapphire blue stones.

Loose Nano Gemstones Popular colors Chart (Click the picture link to view at large pixel

Nano-Gemstones-Popular-Color-Charts   Nano-crystal-Popular-Colors-Charts
Stones in the color chart: 6mm Round stones.

The left one: it's taken under a Uniform light environment.  (Photography box Led light)
The right one: it's taken under outdoor light. 

Glass Gemstone Color chart: 

The Popular Colors of Cubic Zirconia, Spinel, Corundum, Nano Gemstones Color chart for sell
This color chart set with the Popular colors of Cubic Zirconia stones, Corundum, spinel gemstones and Nano gemstones. It's made of Acrylic, set with the real 6mm round colored gemstones in it. 
You can buy it if you're interested in it.  The Unit price of it is US$50. 

Nano Popular colors, Corundum, Spinel Colors - Color Chart
Nano-Crystal-Popular-colors-chart-01 Nano-Crystal-Popular-colors-chart-02
This color chart set with the Popular colors of Nano Crystal stones, Corundum, spinel gemstones,It's made of Acrylic, set with the real 6mm round colored gemstones in it. 
You can buy it if you're interested in it.  The Unit price of it is US$80. 

Glass Gemstone Color chart for Sell

Synthetic Opal Gemstones Color chart for sell

The Unit price of this Synthetic Opal Stone color chart is US$60. 

Cubic Zirconia Color Catalogue:


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