Wholesale Loose Cubic Zirconia Creating Divorce Rings
Regardless of the promises that are made at the altar between couples, statistics show that approximately 50 percent of all first time marriages will end in divorce in the United States.  The wedding ring that was once so important is often tossed in the bottom of a jewelry box.  Most women do not want to associate themselves with their wedding ring after they divorce and who wants a secondhand ring filled with bad karma?  There are many stages of grief that people go through when a marriage ends.  Saying goodbye to the old wedding ring and embracing a new divorce ring is how many women are celebrating the new beginning to their life.

Divorce does not mean that the fingers should remain naked.  Jewelry designers and manufacturer can create a perfect divorce ring that will help women celebrate the new chapter of their life with lovely wholesale loose cubic zirconia stones.  Ladies can express their newfound independence by wearing an elegant ring with a large sapphire or ruby lab created gem surrounded by dazzling loose cubic zirconia stones on any finger they choose.  Ladies will find that there’s no better way to transition through the mourning stages than by treating themselves to a ring with a large oval, octagon, square, marquise, pear, heart, or trillion shaped loose cubic zirconia center stone.  Perhaps a brightly colored multi-stone ring made of gorgeous wholesale loose cubic zirconia stones will prove to be appealing for a lady looking for a handsome ring to celebrate this life-changing event.

Cubic zirconia Stones dealers are able to supply jewelry designer and manufactures with wholesale loose cubic zirconia and wholesale lab created gems in many different sizes and styles for all types of jewelry creations.  FU RONG GEMS has a vast selection of gemstones available to support the new divorce ring trend!