Synthetic Opal Round Faceted Diamond Cut Gemstone Wholesale China

Synthetic opals Gemstones usually display a very distinctive snakeskin pattern and they show brighter colors than natural opals. The spots of color are larger but they interact with light in a very similar way to natural opals. They also contain a fair amount of silica (usually around 70-75%) which is impregnated with plastic. Synthetic Opals look good and appeal to some but cant replace what Mother Nature creates. 

Synthetic solid opal can be very difficult to identify, unless you are an expert, or have a lot of experience. Look closely at the pattern - Opal created in a laboratory (Gilson opal), displays bright colours in large patches of colour. The pattern is often 'too perfect' and ordered, and can also often display a 'snakeskin' pattern. If you are still not sure, take it to a gemmologist or an opal expert.

Therefore, Synthetic opals is the best stimulant for the Real Opals,and it's beautiful and brilliant for the Jewelry designs.  

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Here're the popular colors & shapes of Synthetic Opal Gemstones:

Synthetic Opal Round Faceted Diamond Cut Gemstone Wholesale China
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