Gemstones for Casting and Wax Setting with High Heat Resistance                         

Are you looking for synthetic gemstones which can be wax and casting with high heat resistance ?

You're come to the right place, we have some gemstones which can withstand high temperature above 800 degrees heat resistance. 

All of our white Color Cubic Zirconia stones can be used for casting wax set jewelry. 

The CZ’s should be dimensionally accurate providing uniform sizes for wax set mountings.Top temperatures of 1350 degrees F / 732 degrees C have successfully been used in burn-out cycles with our White cubic zirconia stones. 

And all of Nano Gemstones, Corundum Stones(Synthetic blueSapphire, Ruby, Alexandrite, White Sapphire) and Spinel Stones can be withstand at a very high Temperature. The Color won't be changed, and the stones won't be broken. 

                                            Popular Nano Gemstones for Casting and Wax Setting                               

All Nano Gemstones can withstand the high temperature up to 1500-1750 ℃ )

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