Octagon Shape Radiant Cut Synthetic Blue sapphire, Synthetic Ruby and CZ Emerald Green Peridot color gemstones for sale

Octagon Shape Radiant Cut is one of popular cut for gemstones, It's beautiful to set the jewelry with these stones. 

The following picture is 10x12mm octagon shape radiant cut synthetic Gemstones, these are popular colors. 


The first one is Synthetic Blue Sapphire color, it's corundum #34.

The Second one is Cubic Zirconia Emerald Green color, it's Cubic Zirconia stones. 

The Third one is Synthetic Ruby Red color it's corundum #5.

The Forth one is Cubic Zirconia Peridot color, it's Cubic Zirconia Gemstones

We can make Octagon shape radiant cut gemstones in other colors as well. 

Visit our website to check out your favorite colors and send us email for a free quote today.  Wholesale Octagon shape radiant cut synthetic and natural gemstones from china suppliers.