Natural cat's eye, Jade,Red and green agate faceted bangle bracelets wholesale from china suppliers and manufacturer.

Are you get bored with wearing the traditional smooth bangle/bracelet? If So, you can have a try to wear these type of faceted bangle.., We can make many styles of faceted bangle in natural gemstones or synthetic gemstones. Natural Gemstones such as cat's eye, Jadeite,Jade, Red and green agate ect..,

Natural-Gemstones-Faceted-Bangle-China-Wholesale Natural-Jade-faceted-bangle-china-suppliers Natural-cat's-eye-faceted-bangle-china-suppliers

Natural-Agate-faceted-bangle-china-suppliers Synthetic-Gemstone-Faceted-Bangle-China-Wholesale Natural-Gemstones-Faceted-Bangle-China-Suppliers


We can also make the faceted rings in these color and faceted rings in Cubic Zirconia stones or other synthetic gemstones.
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