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What's Mystic Topaz and Mystic Cubic Zirconia Stones?

Mystic topaz is an enhanced, or treated gemstone that is not found naturally. To create mystic topaz, natural, colorless topaz is coated with a thin layer of titanium or similar metal. The coating is only microns thick and is applied to the stone’s pavilion, the underside angled portion that typically forms the bulk of the gem. The application process is protected by strict patents that limit the amount of mystic topaz available in the general market.

The specialized coating alters the stone’s natural refraction, creating stunning rainbow colors, predominantly blues, greens, yellows, and small bursts of red shades. This iridescent effect is unknown in most gemstones and makes mystic topaz the perfect choice for unique rings without resorting to outrageous, unconventional styles.

In simplest terms, Mystic topaz is a natural stone that has been enhanced through this coating treatment. 

Mystic Cubic Zironia is also a White/Colorless stones that as been enhanced through this coating treatment. 


Caring for Mystic Topaz
Because of the treatment giving mystic topaz its rainbow hue, it must be delicately cared for. In fact, mystic topaz jewelry must be given the same care as pearls in order to protect the coating. The rings should be protected from sharp blows and dangerous activities, and only cleaners that are safe for opals or pearls should be used. If specialized cleaners are unavailable, a mild soap and water solution is also suitable. Do not use abrasive cloths or brushes to clean a mystic topaz engagement ring: they could scratch the coating, damaging its coverage and influencing the stone’s color and clarity. If treated properly, however, the coating will last the lifetime of the jewelry without excessive maintenance. 

Because the coating is limited to the gem’s pavilion, the top (table) of the stone is untreated and very resistant to scratches or damage possible through everyday wear. Brides-to-be with mystic topaz rings do not need to worry that their unique stone will be damaged through daily use. 

Mystic topaz and Mystic Cubic Zirconia is a relatively new type of enhanced gemstone, but its unique multi-colored brilliance is making it one of the most sought-after gems today. Both beautiful and affordable, mystic topaz is a superb choice for a unique piece! 

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