Moissanite Blue color Round diamond faceted cut stones wholesale from China Suppliers and manufacturers. 
If the Lab grown Diamond, genuine diamond stones are out of your budget, Moissanite diamond stones will be the best choice to set your jewelry. 

The popular colors of Moissanite diamond stones are D, EF, GH,and IJ, grading D and EF on the GIA diamond color scale as the Lab grown Diamond or  genuine diamond stones

The following is the color chart of Moissanite gemstones:

Blue Color moissanite stone is one of popular color on the Jewelry Market. 

The following picture is the Blue color Round diamond faceted cut moissanite stones:


Light-Blue-color-Moissanite-Round-diamond-faceted-cut-stones-Suppliers Moissanite-Blue-color-Round-shape-stones-wholesale

Round shape size available: 3mm-15mm

And blue color moissanite stones can be made in other fancy shapes as well, such oval, pear, emerald,etc. 

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