Loose Moissanite diamond round brilliant cut in tiny sizes 0.90-3.00mm wholesale and suppliers

Tiny sizes 0.90mm-3.00mm of round diamond brilliant cut loose moissanite gemstones are one of best choice to set your jewelry designs. It's heat resistant and no problem for the wax or casting.  

FU RONG GEMS supply and wholesale loose moissanite diamond tiny sizes from 0.9mm-3mm at factory direct pricing. 

The following picture is the 0.02 ct tiny size -Millimeter 1.70mm round moissanite diamond stones:
0.90-3.00mm-tiny-sizes-of-moissanite-diamond-round-stones-suppliers Loose-Moissanite-diamond-round-brilliant-in-tiny-sizes-wholesale Moissanite-diamond-round-0.9-3.00mm-tiny-size-stones-for-sale

The color of these tiny size moissanite diamond stone is EF and GH color, the cutting of them are good. with calibrated size. 

Contact us today get the high quality of loose moissanite round tiny size stones wholesale at china factory direct suppliers.