Lab Created Ruby Red Gemstones is 'the Gems of Gems'. 
Ruby gemstones are matched in hardness by sapphires and rate a 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Rubies are known as the “King of Gems”. Ruby gemstones are much loved in France and are referred to as “the gem of gems”.
Without a doubt, the ruby gemstone has been one of the most treasured gemstones throughout history. Ru
bies are associated with passion, love, energy and power. The stunning color red has been a long sought after gemstone whether it they are natural ruby gems or those that are created in a laboratory.

This treasured red gemstone is mentioned in the Bible many times in Proverbs as well as the book of Job. During the medieval era, rubies were considered to be more valuable than diamonds as Christian leaders loved the gemstones. The legend of the ruby reveals that it is a gemstone of courage. Legends say that a person who owns rubies can go through their life without the feelings of misfortune or evil following them.

Lab created rubies are the most affordable alternative to anyone wanting to possess beautiful ruby red gemstones. Lab created ruby gemstones are identical to natural rubies, but they typically are void of the flaws and inclusions that natural rubies have. The chemical composition of natural rubies and lab created rubies stones are basically made up of the same components.

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