Wholesale firework cutting glass round stones from China 

What's firework cutting?

Obviously, you can see from the picture of the following gemstones, they looks like the firework..beautifully and give your jewelry more attractive and unique. 

The following firework cutting gemstones are cut of harden glass stones. Glass gemstones can simulate the colors of many natural color gemstones, and the price are cheap. it's a very good options for your jewelry designs. '


The popular simulated colors of gemstones are Blue Sapphire, Ruby Red, Aquamarine, Citrine Yellow, swiss blue..ect. 

Besides, another option to make the firework cutting gemstones is Cubic Zirconia Gemstones, which it's more brilliant and sparkling.  You can check out the Cubic Zirconia Firework cutting gemstones on the left navigation of catalog by cutting. 
The Glass Firework cutting Gemstones can be made with the sizes from 5mm -20mm.

and We can make it in many colors. contact us today to get the high quality of firework cutting glass gemstones wholesale at factory direct pricing from china Manufacturers.