Cocktail Rings set with Cubic Zirconia stones are Popular for 2013
A beautiful, eye catching cocktail ring add the perfect amount of elegance to your outfit for just about any occasion.  Cocktail rings can feature either a single impressive, attention grabbing stone or an ornate cluster of smaller stones to create a look that will fit any individual style.  In many instances, the right cocktail ring can provide enough sparkle to compliment any outfit without the need for any other accessories.
While it would certainly simplify things to be able to use a single piece of fine jewelry as the focal point for the majority of outfits, a cocktail ring that features a natural diamond can be very expensive.  This is precisely why many consumers are looking for high quality cocktail rings that feature affordable cz stones in place of natural diamonds.
Designers can create the very same attention grabbing designs with cubic zirconia that could be created with natural diamonds but with a substantially smaller price tag.  Despite the fact that cubic zirconia stones is every bit as beautiful as a natural diamond, and nearly as durable, cz costs just a fraction of what a comparable natural diamond does.
Over the course of the past few years cubic zirconia stones has become increasingly popular in the world of fine jewelry.  Designers have turned to wholesale cubic zirconia as the focal point for engagement rings, pendants and fine earrings so it should come as no surprise at all to see cz becoming popular in cocktail rings as well.
Jewelry trends are constantly changing but the majority of consumers simply don’t have the money to buy piece after piece of expensive diamond jewelry to just keep up with trends.  Cubic zirconia stones allows consumers to keep up with the ever changing trends and stay in style without worrying about spending too much on their accessories.