Checkerboard faceted Cushion Shape Natural Cut Nano Gemstones China Wholesale and suppliers

Checkerboard cut is one of popular cut for gemstones, and Usually, the natural cut gemstones is with the checkerboard cut for the bottom of stones. 

The following stone is the Cushion shape with the Natural cut, and it's the Nano Gemstones which are the best alternative for the Expensive Natural colored gemstones. 


Checkerboard-faceted-Cushion-nano-Gemstones-China-Wholesale          Checkerboard-faceted-Cushion-Natural-Cut-nano-Gemstones-China-Manufacturers

The sizes are from 5x5mm to 30x30mm. 

We can make this Checkerboard faceted Cushion Shape Natural Cut in Cubic Zirconia and other synthetic Gemstones and Natural gemstones

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