Blue sapphire stones v/s Tanzanite Stones:

So, so. You are looking at buying some fine jewelry, you love the color blue and it’s got to be a beautiful diamond accented sensual dark blue gemstone in white gold. Tempting! Now the big question – a sensual dark blue gemstone- should it be sapphire or tanzanite?

Sapphire and tanzanite are close cousins when it comes to color and looks. The difference is very subtle. Sapphire is essentially a dark velvety blue with overtones of navy blue and purple and tanzanite is silky violet with overtones of red and purple (and sage green in rare cases). Ok, I know it’s poetic and confusing. In simple words sapphire is dark blue and tanzanite is violet. So you can select your stone based on your color preference.
And yes there’s cost to be considered while making your decision. A good quality (high score on all 4Cs) sapphire can cost thrice as much as a good quality tanzanite. So the decision making becomes pretty simple. Buy what you can afford.

Personally, I love the two stones for different reasons altogether. For me sapphire has a rich regal charm and tanzanite as an aura of chic elegance to it. And I don’t think there can be a defining criterion for choosing one stone over the other. I think there is so much in a gemstones that says about it – the color, the myth, the beauty the lore, and if a particular gemstone seems to speak to you, by all means listen.

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