High Quality Cubic Zirconia Loose CZ Colored Round stones

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High Quality Cubic Zirconia Loose CZ Colored Round stones China wholesale

Loose Cubic Zirconia Pink Color Round Diamond Cut stones :


Loose Cubic Zirconia Violet Color Round stones:


Loose Cubic Zirconia Apple Green Color Round stones 

Wuzhou FU RONG GEMS offer you a various colors options for the Cubic Zirconia, synthetic gemstones and glass colors stones.  and We specialize in making all kinds of gemstones like CZ, corundum, spinel, glass, crystal, Sythetic opal, topaz, star gem, We are direct supplier in both way of manual and machine cut. 
We can supply you the best quality and the lowest prices at the same time. If you feel interested in any our products, please contact us without the hesitation.
 --High Quality
 --Low, Low Factory Prices from China Wuzhou--the Biggest Synthetic Gemstones Manufacturing Base in the World. 

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